Fashion Is Something That Makes You Look Pretty. So, don’t follow the trend everyone else is following and be the trend that the rest of the world would follow…

When you hear the Fashion, suddenly a sparkly and shiny image pops in your head where you had been wearing a chic dress, holding a stunning bag, putting up the most glamorous makeup that will make the eyes look at you. All of a sudden, then you think it is no big deal to be dressed up like that and be fashionable with the drugstore makeup, a bag that you got at the best price from the sale, and a dress that was resting in your cupboard since prom.

For most of the girls dressing up, it is all they need to fit into the category of being fashionable, but for some girls, it holds a value of some luxury. Where some people are okay with the regular brands and find comfort in their Levi’s jeans, others have the urge to add a perfect value to their getup with a pinch of luxurious touch in their dress, bag, shoes, jewellery, and everything else that they could think of that make them look prettiest of all.

To fulfil the desires of people who seek luxury in every bit of their lives, some luxurious designer brands do not only serve the best for their female clients only but also offer a staggering collection of their designer fashion for male customers as well.

To name a few, we have discussed the top high-end brands below that will make your eyes pop.

Most Popular Designer Brands

1- Chanel


When talking about the luxurious and high-end brands, Chanel makes it to the top of the list. It is one of the top designer brands that originated in the fashion capital of the world. It offers a massive category of products that cover clothing and offers sunglasses, cosmetics, fragrances, jewellery, and footwear. Chanel also deals with small leather goods that include handbags and belts.

One may think what is so luxurious about offering such a variety of goods, but the real deal is about the cost of the products. Each of its items is sold and purchased, ranging in thousands of dollars. It is evident that it definitely would have some spark that people are crazy after this brand and count is a dynamic luxury.

2- Gucci


Gucci has been a significant part of the luxurious fashion world even before World War II occurred. It is a lavish Italian brand that has a reputation for a next-level category in the world. People across the world kept flooding in Gucci’s stores to make their pre-bookings of the product they die to hold in their hands.

From handbags to shoes, every bit of Gucci defines luxury. This brand’s actual worth can only be told by a true buyer who would have extensive knowledge about the fashion world. It is given with such popularity and a reputation of being the top fashion brand, the cost of even the tiniest item worth thousands of dollars.

One might think this is insanity, but once a person gets the taste of carrying brands on their body and in their hands, the hangover is truly hard to get over with.

3- Louis Vuitton

Source: louisvuitton, YouTube Channel

Louis Vuitton is a name that does not need any recognition; its high-quality products sell themselves. People across the globe, no matter in what region they live in, when they want to buy from the brands who have the capability to speak for themselves, they make their way to this high-profile brand.

Louis Vuitton has managed a reputation for best designer companies to fulfil their customers’ needs, seeking a perfect luxurious touch to their shoes, clothes, bags, or belts. Their line of luxury clothes and shoes make the appearance of the customer more noticeable and attractive.

From business tycoon to movie stars, everyone has a thing in their heart for this brand when they have to pick the right clothing designers to make their evenings sparkly. With this much adorability, it is evident that this mesmerising brand’s cost is no less than thousands of dollars.

4- Versace

Source: Versace, YouTube Channel

Talking about top designer clothing brands and leaving Versace alone in the back would surely be an injustice to this multi-billion-dollar brand. Some people would say it would fall under the category of high-end shoe designer brands, and some would say it’s one of the clothes luxury brands. Where the reality is that Versace is one of the best designer brands that cover everything from your slippers and shoes all the way to your lavish clothes and handbags.

Just like the other top brands of clothes and accessories, Versace is also one of the designer brand names that has been a part of the luxurious fashion world. If anyone is looking to make their extra evening special, they need to make a pre-booking for their luxurious outfit that would make them outshine the rest.

5- Hermes

Source: Hermès, YouTube Channel

Telling tales about France’s famous clothes brands, Hermes can never be ignored to contribute its value. It has a reputation to maintain to be the top women and men designer brands that would give your luxurious fashion collection an extraordinary touch.

Although Hermes is best known for its exclusive and astonishing handbags collection, their ready-to-wear collection also makes its way through people’s attention.

Along with the remarkable collection of handbags and clothes, Hermes also offers its customers with an impressive range of shoes, jewellery, fragrances, and watches. The collection does not cease here, as Hermes has something extra to offer as well with their stunning assortment of homewares, stationery and their world-renowned silk scarves.

Final Thoughts

Call it madness, but having the feeling of holding the luxury clothes, visiting the most expensive clothing brands, and presenting yourself in high fashion brands is the feeling that is beyond the comprehension of many people. Everyone indeed loves a bit of luxury in their life, but some people want more than just a bit. For most people, high-end clothing brands are something that helps them maintain a high standard in society.

Luxury was once associated with the number of properties and jewellery a person used to own, but nowadays, high fashion brands have also become a symbol of luxury. The list of designer brands is incredibly massive. Still, if you own any of the above-mentioned brand’s products, it will be no less than owning a piece of expensive diamond jewellery.