A study revealed the global luxury boat industry would attain $74.7 billion in the next few years. As the industry expands, there has been a spike in luxurious boat purchases. However, shopping for a luxury boat is not like buying a car. It can be a lengthy, tiresome, and complex process.

With numerous choices available, narrowing your selection demands patience and thoughtful consideration. So, whether you’re shopping for a new boat to replace your old model or seeking to purchase your first luxury boat, here are tips to obtain the ideal boat for your preferences and budget. They include:

1. Consider Whether You Want A New Boat or Pre-Owned

Buy luxury boat - New Boat or Pre-Owned
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Firstly, you have to determine whether to purchase a pre-owned or brand new boat. If you have a huge budget, buying a brand new boat would be a suitable choice. On the other hand, buying a quality pre-owned boat is a better solution if you have a fixed budget.

After you have determined the kind of boat you want to purchase, it’s time to have a look at your budget. It’s advised to create a practical yearly maintenance budget that would include costs related to fuel, maintenance, cleaning, insurance cover, and docking. As a result, this would provide a precise understanding of the total amount you will have to use on the boat in the foreseeable future.

2. Consider the Type of Boat

Buy luxury boat - Type of Boat
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There are various types of luxury boats out there. Before considering buying one, get as much information and experience as possible. You can achieve this by chartering the desired boat for a day to know if it works for you.

The various luxury boats available in the market are usually classified by size. If you don’t intend to spend the night on the boat and fancy sailing only during the day, a luxury boat of size between 20-40 feet would be ideal as it would have essential facilities adequate for daytime sailing.

However, you will require a larger luxury boat equipped with a cabin, galley, and other facilities if you want to sleep on your boat. Ensure the boat ticks everything on your checklist.

3. Consider Legal Requirements

Buy luxury boat - Legal Requirements
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Purchasing a boat is not different from acquiring a home. You have an agreement with terms and conditions. The boat sellers must show clear ownership and are obliged to have the title for the boat during the sale.

In addition, luxury boat owners have to comply with the rules and regulations laid out by their respective Maritime Authorities regarding designing, building, and operating luxurious boats. They should also show a VAT invoice to ensure the VAT on the boat has been cleared. Be sure to be conversant with the maritime laws in your areas before buying your first boat.

4. Consider the Resale Price of the Boat

Buy luxury boat - Resale Price
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It’s important to understand that a boat is not an investment. Unlike property, a boat’s resale value usually depreciates by half within the first decade of use.

If you think you will sell your boat in the future, you should consider the resale price of your boat when purchasing. This depends on various determinants such as current market conditions, how well the boat has been maintained, and the overall condition of the vessel’s build.

5. Consider Hiring an Experienced Broker

Buy luxury boat - Hire Broker
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An experienced boat broker is essential when purchasing a boat, so pick carefully. A good broker will be able to identify the kind of boat that better suits your wants and guide you in your purchasing process.

If you’re acquiring a new boat, your agent will ensure everything is built to standards and your specifications. They might also have information on promotions that are not available on the public market and will have reliable recommendations on boat policies, marinas, and surveyors.

6. Consider Visiting a Boat Show

Buy luxury boat - Boat Show
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For someone ready to purchase a new boat, a visit to a reputed boat show could do wonders. This enables you to have a more intimate look at various boats and even discuss with the specialists to learn more about various brands and models.

Notable yacht manufacturers also showcase their new and upcoming boat models at these exhibitions, which will be a plus for clients considering buying brand new boats.

7. Consider Docking and Location

Buy luxury boat - Docking and Location
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Docking is an important factor to make before acquiring a boat. First, you’ll have to find out if you can dock your boat somewhere close to your house.

If you live near a popular city marina, finding and getting access to your boat can be costly and time-consuming since the area experiences high traffic throughout the year. On the other hand, private docks are clearly a more suitable choice since they have less boat traffic.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the obstacles present in the docking area. Obstacles such as fixed bridges, shallow waters, and various others can pose a threat to your boat and even destroy your hull.

Bonus Boating Advice: Resist Impulse Buying

If you are uncertain when purchasing a boat, don’t go through with the acquisition. When it comes to boats, avoid impulsive buying since you might regret the decision all your life.

Choosing a boat should be done with careful consideration. So, unless a boat fosters excitement inside you, just walk away from it. At the end of the day, the most important is that you enjoy sailing on the boat with friends and family.

Choosing the Right Luxury Boat for You

Purchasing the ideal luxury boat for you requires lots of time and patience. It’s a process that shouldn’t be handled in a hurry. After all, you’re talking about a huge investment in your family’s future vacations and finances. Hence, the above tips are guaranteed to help you find the perfect boat for your preferences and budget.

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