In 2022, it’s estimated that 6.6 billion people across the world will have a smartphone. According to one estimate, that number is expected to increase to an incredible 7.7 billion over the next five years.

With so many phones made of such delicate materials, there’s high demand for cases to protect them. But not everyone in the market for a new phone case is looking for a luxury one. So, you may have trouble finding the high-end phone case you need to suit your chic and upscale style.

We want to lend you a hand with this guide to the best and most luxurious leather phone cases on the market. A leather phone case will compliment many different fashion preferences and lifestyles, but they’re especially suited for people like you who enjoy the finer things.

Are you ready to find the high-end phone case you need this year? Then keep reading for our top picks that we know you’re going to love!

For the Lover of Luxury: Samsung’s 3 Fold Galaxy Z Case

leather phone case - Samsung's 3 Fold Galaxy Z Case

Do you often frequent our site? Are you a true luxury enthusiast? Then this is the premium leather phone case for you.

If you don’t have a Galaxy, you’ll wish you did when you see Samsung’s 3 fold leather case. It’s made of genuine European leather that’s soft to the touch. And the hunter green color screams style and elegance.

With its custom phone-hugging design and slim 1-inch width, you won’t have to worry about a bulky look. Plus, the included holster means you can clip this case to your belt instead of toting your phone around in your back pocket.

A second excellent option here is this MK dupe leather iPhone case. The case comes in brown or black and in multiple sizes to fit iPhone 11 through iPhone 13 Pro models.

For the Upscale Cowboy or Cowgirl: EASYANT’s Vertical Leather Holster Case

leather phone case - EASYANT's Vertical Leather Holster Case

Does your wardrobe mostly consist of luxury jeans, boots, and Western hats? Then EASYANT’s leather case is a perfect fit for your style, with its rugged leather material and holster-like appearance.

Made of real crazy horse leather, this case is made to last. It also fits most standard-sized cell phones, so you won’t have to buy a new phone case if you upgrade your model.

This genuine leather phone case will fit right on your belt for easy access. That way, you can always have your phone handy even if you’re in the middle of a dirty job.

For the Techie: Apple iPhone Pro Leather Phone Case

leather phone case - Apple iPhone Pro Leather Phone Case

Is your style more Steve Jobs than GQ? Then you’ve got to pick up this iPhone Pro Leather Case with Apple’s cutting-edge MagSafe technology.

Made of supple yet sturdy genuine leather, you can pick up this case in red, black, or California Poppy (a cross between yellow and gold). For a more traditional leather look, be sure to check out the Saddle Brown option.

The best part about this case is the aforementioned MagSafe technology, which uses magnets to attach the case to your iPhone. Not only does this luxury tech keep your phone case secure but it also makes for easy removal.

For the Rugged: TENDLIN’s Wood Grain + Leather Case

leather phone case - TENDLIN's Wood Grain + Leather Case

Do you love the rugged, natural look and feel of leather? Then TENDLIN’s wood-trimmed leather iPhone case is the accessory you need to add to your wardrobe.

The carbon fiber textured leather case comes in classic black and features camel brown wood grain detailing. This case’s black rubber shock-absorbent interior and raised lip will protect your phone from falls.

Despite all its details, this case is still as slim as they come at only 1.5 ounces and less than 0.5 inches in diameter.

For the Entrepreneur: De-Bin’s Leather Horizontal Holster Case

leather phone case - De-Bin's Leather Horizontal Holster Case

Are you always on the go, looking for new business? Polish off your business casual looks with De-bin’s leather horizontal holster case that clips or slides onto your belt.

This hands-free phone case comes in light brown and black. It features a classic design that’s reminiscent of vintage leather wallets and fits the following iPhone models:

  • 6s Plus
  • 7 Plus
  • 8 Plus
  • 10s Max
  • 11 Pro Max

You can clip your wallet onto your belt for easy attaching and detaching. Or you can slide your belt through the wallet’s three sturdy belt straps for an on-the-go look.

For the Minimalist: ONETOP’s Faux Leather Wallet Case

leather phone case - ONETOP's Faux Leather Wallet Case

Does your style lean clean, streamlined, and always un-fussy? Then you will appreciate the ONETOP faux leather case, which does double-duty as a wallet.

This premium PU leather phone cover-slash-wallet comes in classic black or brown— perfect for your minimalist wardrobe. If you want to make a statement, you can also pick up this wallet in three bold colors:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Rose gold

The built-in wallet features three card slots for your credit or debit card, cash, or driver’s license. This phone case also comes with a faux leather flap to keep your cards hidden while you’re on the go.

For the Class Act: JAROIE’s Luxury Vegan Leather Case

leather phone case - JAROIE's Luxury Vegan Leather Case

Are you too classy to wear leather and fur? Then you’re probably searching for a high-end vegan leather phone case to align with your style and your ethics. So, allow us to introduce JAROIE’s elegant vegan leather case option.

Designed with class in mind, this phone case features a soft I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-leather exterior. The case’s sides are coated in durable thermoplastic to protect your phone should it take a spill.

This phone case is designed so slim that it won’t make an appearance through your back pocket. And with MagSafe wireless charging capabilities, you won’t have to sacrifice functionality for style.

For the Trendsetter: Arae’s PU Leather Flip Wallet Case

leather phone case - Arae's PU Leather Flip Wallet Case

Has this season’s dopamine dressing trend taken over your closet? Then you need a phone case to match all your brightest fits. That’s where Arae’s leather flip wallet case comes in.

The foldable wallet part of this case provides space for up to four cards and has a slot to store your cash. With the faux leather strap and kickstand feature, you might be surprised to know that this wallet comes in at a mere 0.4 inches in width.

You won’t find a more colorful and stylish leather wallet on the market. This case comes in an array of hues, including champagne gold, wide red, vibrant purple, rose gold, and midnight blue.

For the Vintage Enthusiast: Ranboo’s Genuine Leather Phone Pouch

Is your closet full of your favorite vintage finds? Then it may be hard to find a modern phone case that suits your favored aesthetic. Not anymore because Ranboo’s genuine leather case offers the retro vibe you’ve been looking for.

With its minimal brown leather material and old-fashioned brass hardware, this case is a total blast from the past. It features contrast stitching details and natural grained leather for a stylish finish.

You can clip this phone pouch onto your belt, bag, or backpack. The case also fits the latest Apple and Samsung products, so you can guarantee a perfect and secure fit for your phone.

Leather Phone Cases for Women: Asuwish’s Leather Wallet Case

leather phone case - Asuwish's Leather Wallet Case

Ladies, did you think we forgot about you? We’ve mentioned a few female-friendly options on this list (hello, rose gold leather wallet case?) but Asuwish’s engraved leather case takes the cake.

Coming in a soft dove gray, this 2-in-1 phone case and wallet features a feminine floral mandala design engraved on the front.

Like many of the cases on this list, this case comes with a built-in wallet. It holds up to three cards and has a slot for your driver’s license or cash. The only downside to this wallet is that it only fits Google Pixel 6 Pro phones.

For the Individualist: Emporium Marelli’s Monogrammed Phone Case

leather phone case - Emporium Marelli's Monogrammed Phone Case

Are you looking for a phone case that’s as unique are you are? Then why not put your name on it (or at least your initial)? That’s the idea behind this next entry on our list: Emporium Marelli’s customizable leather phone case.

This true leather phone case comes in three colors: British tan (a light camel brown), black, or coffee (a dark brown). It features two leather slots for cards or cash and a single-letter monogram in the bottom left corner.

Suited for iPhone 10s max, this case is perfect for men and women with a unique and luxe lifestyle.

For Unmatched Quality: Bullstrap’s Premium Leather Case

leather phone case - Bullstrap Premium Leather Case

Do you want the hands-down best quality phone case on the market? Then look no further than Bullstrap’s premium leather phone case. This case comes in the following classy colors: Deep ocean blue, black, bourbon brown, and sienna brown

Bullstrap designed this case with 100% calfskin leather, which will acquire a natural patina over its lifetime. These cases are obviously handmade, especially when you consider that each one looks slightly different to the other.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, consider this: unlike other models on the market, this case features stainless steel button covers. It also has a microfiber interior to cradle your phone, no matter what life throws its way.

For the Girl (or Boy) Boss: HCJMikee’s Embossed Leather Case

leather phone case - HCJMikee Embossed Leather Case

Are you in the market for a phone case that’s (em)boss(ed) as you are? HCJMikee has you covered with their luxe-looking faux leather Galaxy Flip 3 case with metallic gold details.

The front of this case is embossed with a diamond design that comes in four colorways:

  • Money green and gold
  • Matte black and gold
  • Light pink and gold
  • Lavender purple and gold

Reminiscent of luxury designer handbags, this case features a gold ring on the back, which makes it easier to grip and carry your phone. And the polycarbonate gold edges mean you can stand up your phone when it’s not in use.

For the Bohemian: Anuschka’s Hand-Painted Phone Case

leather phone case - Anuschka Hand-Painted Phone Case

Does your style blow wherever the wind carries it? Then you need a phone case that matches your easy-going bohemian lifestyle. Enter Anuschka’s vegetable-tanned leather phone case.

This case features camel, oatmeal, and black cowhide leather. Each color is stamped with a different nature-inspired scene hand-painted on the case, including:

  • An early aughts-inspired butterfly motif
  • A pink flower garden and busy butterfly design
  • A hummingbird and floral artwork

Once crafted, these phone cases undergo a unique vegetable tanning process. This process imbues a softness to the leather you just can’t find with traditional tannin. Plus, the case will patina the longer you have it, meaning it will look even better as it ages.

For a Luxury Look for Less: Aowner’s Luxury Crocodile Phone Case

leather phone case - Aowner Luxury Crocodile Phone Case

Do you love the look of luxury but can’t quite afford the luxury pricetag? We have you covered with this faux crocodile-inspired iPhone 12 Pro Max case from aowner.

Perfect for those who prefer a feminine flair, this case comes in white, black, green, red, and yellow. The white and gold options, in particular, give a luxe look, especially alongside the faux gold trim.

Despite being less than $11, this case doesn’t short you on added features. It has a gold-look ring stand that allows for easy horizontal video viewing. It also has a metallic feature that’s compatible with magnetic car phone holders.

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No matter what your style, gender, or phone brand preferences are, there’s a luxury leather phone case on this list for you. We’ve listed only the best of the best because we know that if you love our site, you only desire the highest quality goods.

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