Large kitchen appliances come at a big cost. Refrigerators, for example, cost an average of between $1,000 and $2,000.

When you’re investing in a kitchen appliance, you want to know that you’re getting the best product value. 

Are you creating the kitchen of your dreams? If you’re creating your ideal kitchen, you’ll also want the best kitchen appliance brands for their reliability and quality.

Explore our curated top 8 best kitchen appliance brands. With our list, you can design your kitchen with the best brands on the market.

1. Bosch


Bosch is a leading brand in kitchen appliance manufacturing. This brand’s promise to prioritize durability and quality is woven into every product.

You can find your entire kitchen set through Bosch, but the brand is best known for its dishwashers and refrigerators.

Bosch dishwashers offer a quiet change of pace, often listed as the quietest dishwasher brand in the US. If you’re tired of the dishwasher rumble, you should take these low-decibel dishwashers for a spin.

Bosch is also the go-to brand for a premium, feature-filled fridge. Their fridges often include WiFi connectivity, fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, and even a wine preservation unit.

Despite the many premium features, Bosch includes an EcoMode option to reduce ecological impact.

Choose Bosch for a balance of unique features, reliable reputation, and high-quality kitchen appliances. Bosch may be the best brand of appliances for your kitchen.

2. Miele

Miele - Best Kitchen Appliance Brands

Miele, the best appliance brand to endure for over a century, prioritizes durability for a kitchen to last a lifetime. The German appliance manufacturer utilizes precision engineering coupled with their own quality-controlled factories to create flawless kitchen appliances.

Though the high-end brand offers a full arsenal of kitchen appliances, most consumers praise Miele’s powerful ovens as their best products.

Miele paves the way for efficient cooking with its many oven features. With a Miele oven, you can experience automatic programs set for over 100 dishes, personalized program options, and residual heat utilization to conserve energy.

On your dream kitchen journey, consider investing in a Miele oven. These ovens last a lifetime and make cooking your favorite meals easier.

3. Gaggenau

Gaggenau - Best Kitchen Appliance Brands

Gaggenau is next on our list for the best brands of kitchen appliances. For luxury kitchen appliances, German brand Gaggenau delivers.

Offering the most versatile collection of top-rated products, you’ll want every appliance with a Gaggenau seal of approval. This luxury brand is known for detailed craftsmanship and durable components in every appliance.

While Gaggenau has a wide range of quality products, start with their wall ovens to see their many unique features. You’ll be paying top dollar, but you’re getting hand-crafted and top-of-the-line products.

4. General Electric

General Electric - Best Kitchen Appliance Brands

Looking for the best kitchen appliance brands that don’t break your budget? General Electric (GE) offers more affordable products that still maintain quality. 

GE is able to keep the price down by creating straightforward and user-friendly products. Whether you’re buying a compact microwave or a family-size fridge, GE products have sleek designs, basic features, and a quality guarantee.

If you’re a minimalist, GE products are the perfect match for you and your home. Search through their extensive catalog of kitchen appliances for a full list of features and designs.

5. Sub-Zero and Wolf

Sub-Zero and Wolf - Best Kitchen Appliance Brands

Sub-Zero and Wolf were actually two kitchen appliance brands. However, Wolf was bought by Sub-Zero, which has expanded the reach of Wolf products.

The Wolf line is one of the best kitchen appliance brands for serious home cooks.

Sub-Zero is known for its high-end refrigeration technology, while Wolf was a leading manufacturer of commercial kitchen appliances. Combining the strengths of both, the Wolf line offers quality products for home cooks to want to heat things up in the kitchen.

This US-made line mainly features ovens and ranges. While you can find some small appliances through Wolf, their ovens are the best addition worth considering for your kitchen.

6. Thermador

Thermador - Best Kitchen Appliance Brands

Another US contender Thermador has been creating high-end kitchen appliances for over 100 years. This appliance manufacturer was the first in America to the cooktop, and they’re still innovating to this day.

Like many leading kitchen appliance brands, Thermador’s ovens and cooktops are the stars among their products. Their cooktop technology is what sets Thermador above other competing brands.

For consistent cooktop technology and award-winning products, Thermador is the best appliance brand for you.

7. Viking

Viking - Best Kitchen Appliance Brands

Looking for aesthetic design in addition to quality? Viking is the best brand of appliances for beautiful designs that match every kitchen.

Viking includes everything from a multi-programmed broiler to automatic burner reignition.

The best part? Viking products come in a variety of colors and designs.

Don’t cook the perfect cut of steak on a shoddy stovetop. Food quality translates through every step of cooking, including the appliances you use. Viking gives you quality kitchen appliances with modern designs you’ll love.

8. LG

LG - Best Kitchen Appliance Brands

LG, another luxury manufacturer, wraps up our list of the best kitchen appliance brands. Among the best brands of kitchen appliances, LG is best at blending simplicity with top-rated performance.

LG features their fridges as their premium product. They are well designed for optimal space and functionality. You can also connect many of them to WiFi and compatible apps.

While LG is a luxury brand, you can find a wide range of prices for most products. For well-balanced kitchen appliances, explore LG’s many products.

The Best Kitchen Appliance Brands for Your Kitchen

Now that you know the best kitchen appliance brands out there, you can start your shopping spree. From a wifi-connected fridge to a custom toaster, one of these brands will have the right appliances to fit your kitchen.

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