Did you know that the airplane was invented as early as 1903? Ever since then, airplanes have made leaps and bounds, and today, they come in all shapes and sizes. They also can vary quite a lot when it comes to how luxurious they are, especially when it comes to first class.

If you love to fly first class and always get the best service in the air, you might be wondering about the best airlines to fly first class. While first class in most airplanes is top-notch, some airlines may provide better services than others. For example, some airlines might offer individual cabins so that you won’t be disturbed by the other nearby passengers on the plane. 

On the other hand, other airlines might serve delicious food, and some might even provide pajamas for very long flights. Keep reading and learn more about flying first class with different airlines. 

Why You Should Fly First Class and What Makes First Class Flying Unique

World's Best First Class Airlines 2023
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There’s a big difference between flying in the economy and flying in first class. Even if you’ve never tried flying first class before, you should already know that flying in the economy or even business class is not the most luxurious experience in the world. In economy, you’ll most likely end up cramped between people you don’t know and forced to sit in a small chair for the duration of your flight.

The food the flight attentions bring you (if they bring you any food at all on your particular flight) won’t be all that flavorful, and it certainly won’t be memorable. The differences between economy and first class actually begin before you even get on the plane. For example, first-class passengers are always allowed to get onto the plane first before economy passengers.

More than that, before boarding the plane, first-class passengers have a luxurious lounge in which they can hang around until it’s time to board the plane. On the other hand, Economy passengers have to sit in crowded areas surrounded by hundreds of strangers.

Once on the plane, first-class passengers will have much more room to move around. The seats won’t be so packed together, and even the lanes are much more spacious. In some larger airlines, especially those that fly internationally, first-class passengers might even have their private abodes with walls separating them from the other passengers.

On the other hand, the situation in the economy is more like being stuffed into a sardine can. 

World’s Best First Class Airlines 2023

Whether your flight is long or short, flying in a first-class cabin can make all the difference between having a great flight and a miserable flight. But which airline will provide you with the very best first-class experience?

American Airlines

World's Best First Class Airlines 2023 - American Airlines
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Everyone has heard of American Airlines, but not everyone knows that this airline has some very luxurious first-class options. There are a few things that make first class on this airline top-notch. One of the first things you will notice is that the food is spectacular

This is especially true if you compare the food to the food you might find in the economy. Instead of having a plastic tray full of chewy, microwaved food, you will be pleasantly surprised with the delectable meal choices in first class. The first-class food from American Airlines is so good because this particular airline is partnered with James Beard Foundation.

What does this mean for you and your meals exactly? The responsibility of the James Beard Foundation when working with American Airlines is to ensure that professional chefs prepare the airline’s first-class meals. This is in contrast to having some frozen chicken warmed up in the microwave by your flight attendant. 

These professional chefs also design first-class menus and meals. So, the chances that you’ll have to eat something unappetizing will be very slim. Some food you might experience on this airline includes artichoke ravioli and dark chocolate delicacies. 

In certain airports, American Airlines first-class fliers can access the Flagship First lounge. This lounge is the perfect waiting area where you won’t ever feel cramped or uncomfortable. But the benefits of first-class travel with this airline don’t stop there.

The lounge also offers fine dining options and a cocktail bar. Last but not least, you will find showers in the lounge to freshen up before you continue your travels. What else could you ask for?

Delta Airlines

World's Best First Class Airlines 2023 - Delta Airlines
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American Airlines isn’t the only luxury airline to offer delicious food and excellent service. Delta is a strong competitor and might even surpass American Airlines in specific characteristics. First class on a Delta airplane is considered Delta One. 

With American Airlines, first class is considered Flagship First Class. As with American Airlines, Delta’s first class also provides meals organized and designed by high-quality professional chefs. So, your appetite will never be left wanting after your first-class flight with Delta. 

But besides the food, you will find that Delta’s amenities are unparalleled. The seats in first class allow you to recline. Some seats even become completely flat, so you can nap if you have a long flight ahead of you. 

The seats themselves are also something to gush about. While the seats in economy are often rickety and hard, you will find that the seats in first class are very soft. For that reason, you’ll never have a hard time getting comfortable in first class. 

You will also find that you will have plenty of privacy when you fly first class with Delta. That’s because Delta One provides cabins equipped with tall walls and even sliding doors. This will allow you to relax and distance yourself from the strangers around you. 

It is also ideal for minimizing distractions. For example, if you have a long flight ahead, you might want to recline and read a good book or write down some important notes for work. Or, on the other hand, you might want to nap for a few hours. 

Whatever the case, your cabin will provide you with the privacy you need to do any of these things and more.

Emirates Airlines

World's Best First Class Airlines 2023 - Emirates Airlines
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Emirates is perhaps one of the best airlines in the world. Even when you sit in an economy with this airline, you will find that you are already in for a premium experience. Every detail of an Emirates airplane is fine-tuned so that everyone on board, including those in the economy and those in first class, is as happy as possible.

You will find that the flight attendants will be especially polite and helpful. They will try their best to meet your needs as much as possible. You will also find that the airplane’s interior is designed so that you’ll hardly even feel like you’re in an airplane. 

Rather, you’ll feel like you’re in a luxurious lounge for a few hours. In the first class, you will have your cabin where no one can disturb you. Your seat will be able to transform into a soft and comfy bed that you will be able to sleep on without any problems. 

You will even be provided with sheets and pillows so you can get comfortable. But the amenities in this sort of cabin don’t stop there. In your cabin, you will also find a desk with a flat-screen TV equipped with a touch screen.

This way, if you don’t feel like sleeping, you will be able to watch whatever is on the TV to entertain yourself. In your cabin, you will also be able to control the lighting. If the lighting is too bright, you can tone it down without any problems. 

On the plane, you will even find an entire cocktail lounge. This is not to mention that there is a shower on board in case you feel like freshening up before the plane lands. 

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Everything You Need to Know About the Best Airlines to Fly First Class

There are many great airlines, but now you know the best airlines to fly first class. American Airlines, Delta, and Emirates all offer excellent first-class amenities and services so that you will be comfortable for the duration of your flight. Your seat will be comfortable, you will have delicious food to eat, and no one will be able to disturb you if you feel like taking a nap or doing some work.

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