When you become pregnant, your body goes through a variety of changes that likely impact your self-image. As your baby changes and grows, your body does the same, and the changes are not always welcome!

As you begin to grow and embrace your new body image further along in your pregnancy, you might start thinking about what to wear to your baby shower. While you might begin to feel uncomfortable, that doesn’t mean you have to give up looking and feeling your best!

Baby shower dresses are a great way to show off that baby bump and boost your confidence in becoming a new mom. Here are some tips on how to choose a baby shower maternity dress

1. Style

Baby Shower Dresses - Style
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First and foremost, stick to a style that works for you! Many maternity dresses are flowing and not restricting, giving plenty of room for you to move around. However, this might mean they don’t jive with your style. 

That’s ok! Maternity clothes are abundant on the market that you can mix and match with. There’s loose-fitting, form-fitting, patterns, solids, and more. You really can make them into your own style if you can’t find one piece. 

2. The Occasion

Baby Shower Dresses - Occasion
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Some baby showers are very formal, whereas others are more casual. Before you choose an outfit, it’s important to know the type of baby shower planned. You don’t want to show up over or underdressed!

Be sure to ask the host or hostess what the dress code is for the event. Formal maternity baby shower maternity dresses are typically long, like a gown, and casual ones tend to be shorter. Everything from your make-up to your shoes can reflect the occasion!

3. Wear A Maternity Baby Shower Dress

Baby Shower Dresses - Maternity Dress
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Some women can fit into larger-size shirts or dresses during their pregnancy and avoid maternity clothes altogether. However, this can be very uncomfortable for some, so if you’re hunting for something to wear, stick to a maternity baby shower dress for a couple of reasons. 

Maternity baby shower dress dresses are made to fit a woman’s body and all her flexibility during pregnancy, and they’re made of stretchy fabrics. Regular clothing isn’t designed this way, and you may feel uncomfortable. Maternity dresses offer you the movement you’re looking for. 

4. Time of the Year

Baby Shower Dresses - Time of the Year
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Being pregnant in the summer months in some areas is exhausting because the climate is hot, and you tend to feel incredibly uncomfortable. It’s important to dress for the proper season because you don’t want to be too hot or too cold. 

For baby shower dresses in the summer and spring, look for something flowing with flowers or signs of spring. These are perfect for keeping you cool. In the winter, you can mix and match pieces and even add a cardigan or a shawl for warmth.

Knowing whether the baby shower will be indoors or outdoors will also help with your choice. If it’s going to be warm outside, choose a maternity baby shower dress that allows you to move freely and breathes well. 

5. Theme

Baby Shower Dresses - Theme
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Some baby showers center around a theme: woodland creatures, nautical themes, animals, and so forth. If your hostess is planning a theme, you may be able to coordinate your outfit to complement the theme. 

You can achieve this by color, style, or even a patterned maternity dress.

6. Color

Baby Shower Dresses - Color
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People say that pregnant women glow, but the color of your clothes can actually complement your skin. If you wear the proper color, it will make your skin tone appear balanced and fresh.

For example, some people look better in certain colors, like pastels or cooler colors, than others. This has to do with their skin tone. Warmer skin tones look better in red, yellow, gold, and green. 

7. Go For Comfort

Baby Shower Dresses - Go For Comfort
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Above all else, go for comfort. Being at a baby shower requires you to be social and engaged with your guests, and at several months pregnant, this can be especially tiring. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable and restricted by your clothing. 

Choose something that makes you feel great while allowing you to mingle and talk with your guests. When you’re comfortable, you’ll have a better time and enjoy yourself!

8. Top Brands

Baby Shower Dresses - Top Brands
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Living luxuriously should not stop because of pregnancy. In fact, comfort and luxury can go hand-in-hand when you’re looking for maternity clothes. Look for top brands that match quality and luxury.

Additionally, some of the more high-quality maternity clothes are made better and retain longevity better than cheaper brands. This is especially important for you if you are planning on having more children. Spending money on quality, luxurious clothing means spending less in the future.

9. Know Your Size

Baby Shower Dresses - Know Your Size
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As your body changes, so will your size. If you’re already in maternity clothes, you likely already know what size you are when you’re shopping for maternity baby shower dresses. 

Thankfully, maternity shops make it easy to find your size, and they can measure you as well. If you’re shopping online, find a size chart and do a comparison with your current size. 

10. Highlight Your Bump

Baby Shower Dresses - Highlight Your Bump
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Showing off your baby bump at a baby shower is wonderful for the mom-to-be. Most maternity dresses give you this option, and you should take advantage of it! The best way to show off your bump is to wear something stretchy yet comfortable. 

Baby Shower Dresses For You

When you’re shopping for baby shower dresses, keep these 10 tips in mind to find the perfect one. Overall, the perfect maternity dress is the one you love and the one that makes you feel beautiful and like a brand-new mom. 

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